Who are we?

YLN Consultants are specialized in assisting and advising businesses and individuals.

Our five-member team delivers for nearly a decade a range of tax, accounting and legal services. We act as a partner in complex and rapidly evolving issues and keep our information up to date in different domains.

We are known for excellent follow-up of the tax files, we leave no room for unpleasant surprises.

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28 March, 15 & 16 May, 21 July, 15 August, 1 & 11 November, 26 December - 2 January 2017
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Choose your language

To service our national and international clients a multilingual communication is required.

Our consultants guide you in the three national languages and process your accounting in Dutch, French or English.

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Our expertise in tax system is fed by a continuous training of our employees.

This means they can accurately guide you in your decisions with the latest tax information.

We are your best partner in matters of analyses, estate and succession planning, mergers and acquisitions.

A comprehensive list of all our activities can be found here.


As chartered accountant, we guarantee quality and transparent accounting. This service exceeds basic control of information, figures and of accounting documents.

We support your company with strategic management advice and analyze the creditworthiness and solvency of your company. We help you with the growth and success of your business or activity.

A comprehensive list of all our activities can be found here.


Legal advice

We provide legal advice, guide you through establishing companies or associations and advise you on deeds or contracts.

We can act on your behalf regarding curators and other stakeholders.

A comprehensive list of all our activities can be found here.


It is recommended to evaluate your company regularly and to draw some conclusions.

We could help you with that.

With e.g. feasibility studies but also by providing a good overview of state aid measures, structuring investments and clear advice on staff recruitment.

We can help you finding the right partners, calculate the value of your enterprise and reduce financial risks.

A comprehensive list of all our activities can be found here.


The ethical rules of the IAB do not allow us to publish a list of our client portfolio.

Among our clients are both national and international partnerships, sole proprietorships and expatriates.

The profile of our customers is very diverse and includes professional services and a wide range of trade and production companies from different areas. They each have their specific questions and we support each company in their field of expertise.

That grants us a broad experience as a tax advisor which we also apply in counseling centers & institutes, franchises and multinationals.

How to reach us

There is spacious parking in front of our offices. Don’t forget to take a ticket at the parking meter. You could also use the parking of the olympic pool the Wezenberg, on the corner of the Desquinlei and Gerard Le Grellelaan, at about 100m walking distance.


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YLN Consultants bv BVBA

Desguinlei 58

2018 Antwerpen


director: Yvan Linssen

phone: (+32)3.825.64.92

email: yvan@ylnc.be

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VAT number: BE 0877.616.111,

IAB number: 224255 4 N 05